Self care, I’m treating me right!

Self care by definition is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Everyone’s self care acts look a lot different. For me, it goes a little something like this… 

My self care routine is what I like to call, “Me Time.” I take this time to recharge my batteries, let go of the day to day stressors, and most importantly, to spend time with me! To start off my pamper sesh, I pour myself a nice glass of wine. Recently, I brought back an oldie but goodie into the rotation, Leftie white blend wine. It has been a favorite for awhile and I’m really enjoying it this time around. It’s so crisp, light, and perfect to sip on. Next up… music! Check out my playlist below to vibe with me. 

Ok… ok… Now to the nitty gritty. Currently I am using the e.l.f. Superclarify Cleanser. I ran out of my holy grail cleanser from Mary Kay so I thought I’d try something new. I am actually surprised by this cleanser and starting to actually like it, but since it is new I have to give it a few more uses before I can give an honest review. After cleansing, I used one of my all time favorite masks the Pacifica Cosmic Clay face mask. Not only does it smell amazing, cleanses and balances out my skin. I am very particular with what make-up and skincare products go on my face and this mask never irritates me and always leaves me feeling fresh! After 15 minutes, I wipe off the mask and apply eye cream, facial oil, and moisturizer with my jade roller. Since I got a new cleanser I figured “Why not try a few more products from e.l.f.?!” I picked up the Holy Hydration eye creamAll the Feels facial oil, and Superhydrate Moisturizer. Like I previously mentioned, the products really did surprise me, especially the facial oil! But before I give a full review I want to give them a few more tries. 

If you’re interested in a blog post sharing my thoughts about these products, leave me a comment below!

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