Going To The Chapel and We’re Gunna Get Married

Big news…big big news…


Edwin and I met about two years at my brother Michael’s birthday dinner. Edwin was a co-worker, soon-to-be business partner and good friend of Michael’s. As that year went on he and I crossed paths many times; at their happy hours from work, at Michael and Melinda’s home for game nights and parties, and even random movie nights with Michael. As Michael’s sister, *cough* *cough*, favorite sister, I knew that friends were off-limits, but there was a feeling I could not ignore about Edwin. I knew I loved him even before we truly shared a conversation. He was always somewhat quiet around me and in my mind; I thought, “hmm, he isn’t interested.” As that year went on and the more I saw him, the more the feeling grew. Come August of that year, Melinda and I held a joint Loteria themed birthday pool party. Of course, Michael’s close friend Edwin was invited. The night of the party, he actually said more than just hi to me and I was pleasantly shocked I got him to talk. I had one of those moments with Melinda where I telepathically communicated to her “oh, Edwin likes me! I can tell now!” Which sounds wild, but I was so confident in this feeling.

As time passed, I asked my best friend, Jamee, to not let me to talk to him. I knew if Edwin and I confronted our feelings, it could destroy his relationship with Michael if Edwin and I did not work out. Even with Jamee telling me to not text him, I did it anyways. Knowing I probably shouldn’t follow him on social media and like or comment on his posts, I did it anyways. By December, Edwin and I confronted our feelings and I told him “we cannot do anything until we speak with Michael.” Michael to me, is much more than a brother. He is my best friend, roommate, financial adviser, boss, father to my godchild and a father to me. I didn’t want our relationship to suffer, nor his and Edwin’s. In January, Edwin spoke with Michael and asked him for permission to date me. Michael could be very traditional about certain things. Growing up, someone asking permission to date my sister or I was a tradition he wanted to uphold. As soon as Edwin asked Michael, he said “I KNEW IT!” He always had a way with knowing absolutely everything! He gave Edwin and I his blessing and our relationship took off!

Fast forward to January 26th, the day we got engaged. Edwin and I had just gotten back from our trip to Seattle and Portland, which was my Christmas/Anniversary gift to him. We chose to wait until we got back to Phoenix to have our anniversary date. So come January 26th, I was getting ready for our date not expecting a single thing. Our first stop was Snooze Eatery in Phoenix and then the Phoenix Art Museum. On our very first official date, Edwin took me to the Art Museum, so we were recreating a moment and I absolutely loved it. As we got to Edwin’s favorite exhibit in the museum, he didn’t want to check it out. To me, it was strange, but I went along with it. Second time we came around it, he still wasn’t ready. So finally, third time was a charm and we went in. You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies, is a mirrored dark room with strands of lights suspended from the ceiling, slowly changing colors across the spectrum. The small room feels as if you’re in infinite space, something Edwin has always been fascinated by. We got up against a wall to admire the room and Edwin began giving me the speech he had given me on our first date in the same room! As I was taking in the moment, surrounded by a galaxy of stars and Edwin speaking softly to me, I saw his figure go from standing right in front of me to kneeling down on one knee. And that’s when I heard those words, “With that being said, Rebecca Marie Hurtado, will you marry me?” Instantly my heart melted and I was surprised, happy, excited and excited and emotional all in one. Of course, being shocked my first response was, “Wait, really?!” And then began the water works! “YES OF COURSE!” I answered. He stood up, put the ring on my finger, kissed me and hugged me. While still holding each other, I opened my eyes to realize where we were and to soak in the moment. I remembered we were in a public place so when I looked around I heard complete strangers quietly, as to not ruin the moment, ask, “Can we applaud?!” As we began walking out of the exhibit and much to my surprise again, we stepped out to a chorus of  woos, yays, and cheering from our closest friends and family! It was amazing to say the least. I was truly overwhelmed with love and happiness.

I can’t believe I can say I have a fiancé and that it’s him. My dream come true, the love of my life, the only person I can see sharing my life with. To this day I remind myself, “YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!” I’ve even asked Edwin to propose to me again, on multiple occasions to really take in the reality of where we are.

With the whirlwind of emotions that was our engagement, comes the part where I get to do what I love most. PLANNING! Planning parties truthfully brings me so much joy! Being able to plan our wedding has me even more over the moon than I already am. I can’t wait to share some of the ideas I have in mind with you all.

The day we got engaged ♥
1 | 26 | 2020 ♥

Till my next post,

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