Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun!

As I talk about in I’ve been gone for a minute, I have met the love of my life! He and I just recently moved in together and It’s been an amazing experience combining not only our things, but our lives. We are finally starting to feel at home. One of my favorite things about our relationship is that we are both so different, yet we love the same wide variety of things. One of the things we both love is FˑRˑIˑEˑNˑDˑS.  We have both seen it together and apart multiple times, so for our first dinner in our apartment we decided to pick a random episode to watch and it so happened to be “The One with Ross’ Denial” when Monica and Chandler decide to move in together. Chandler and Monica are talking about what they should do with the guest bedroom when Rachel moves out and Chandler suggests turning it into a game room. Monica quickly shut that down and Chandler says “Ok, so you mean no as in ‘Gee, Chandler, what an interesting idea…let’s discuss it before we reject it completely!’” And Monica says “Interesting idea, we’ll talk about it, but no!” And even though I have seen it a billion times I busted up laughing because it was all too real in our current situation. Edwin slowly turns over to me and says “Oh gosh! That’s you, isn’t it?!” and I happily said “YUP!”

Love of my life ♥

Since moving in, we have had so many things come up with family and friends and I just recently got my wisdom teeth out which had me out for the count for a weekend. Now it’s a game of catch-up and settling in. Even though we live together we both vowed to make sure we still dated each other. Some relationships get lost in a routine and we don’t want that. We wanted to be able to still have our spontaneous late-night trips to Zia just to take long walks down the movie aisle playing a game where I often win called “Have you seen this movie?!” Since moving is an expense all on its own and we both try to stay frugal and not spend, spend, spend! Instead of going out on date’s we have found other ways to date each other.

On July 4th, season 3 of Stranger Things came out on Netflix. We both love that show! We both knew we wanted to finish the season and have some time to ourselves. So, we ordered pizza and wings from Barro’s Pizza, binged Stranger Things and even had Baskin Robbins Stranger Things edition ice cream! 


Our second at home date night, after work I quickly rushed home and put together a blanket fort in our living room made each of us a snack tray. One being a charcuterie board and the other being a “charcuterie board” with chips, candy, popcorn and all that jazz. We poured some wine and put on some stand-up comedy shows on Netflix.


Date nights don’t always have to be about going out to a new restaurant or movie or things of that nature. For us it’s the quality time we spend with each other. Here’s a list of our favorite low cost to no cost date night ideas:

-Long trips at Target with an ICEE and Popcorn in hand (Not necessary but well worth it!)

-Visiting local record stores

-Dinner and a movie at home

-Walks around the neighborhood (In our case, our apartment complex)

-Watching YouTube videos (we love watching Hot Ones)

-Going out for ice cream

-Building a blanket fort

-Coffee dates at local shops

-Having a Nerf gun war (we haven’t done this yet, but we are both very excited to do it!)

-Candlelit dinner with a new record or album playing in the background

-Wine and charcuterie board night

Whether it’s with a friend or significant other…what are your favorite kind of date nights?

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