I’ve been gone for a minute…

…but now I’m back at the jump off!snapseed

BeccaaMariee.Life update…livin’ good feelin’ better!

I have been MIA, but life has been pretty busy lately and I am barely getting back on my feet. There are times when you need a break. A break to catch your breath, to sit back and relax and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on Netflix. And that’s exactly what I did! I took a second for myself to come back better than ever (fingers crossed). Here’s a quick update on where I am at:

Since January, a major change in my life has been the love of my life. I’ve met him y’all! He is wonderful, funny, sweet, and all mine. We just recently moved in together and it’s been a project creating our space and life together, but there’s no one else I’d rather do this with.

My girls, Jamee and Debbie, and I have been working on ourselves for ourselves. Working out has become an invigorating and exciting experience. It took us a bit to get a routine down and to find out a schedule that works best for us, but as soon as we did, we immediately felt results. Our moods improved, our thoughts on our bodies improved and overall, we improved! I’ve absolutely enjoyed going to the gym with my girls as we all show each other new workouts, help each other’s forms and encourage each other when that last set on ab day sucks!

This year, I have tried to become a bit more minimalistic. People tend to think minimalism is just about material things and it’s not just that, it’s more so a mindset. Since incorporating minimalism into my every day, I’ve been enjoying the small things more. My sayings/mantras lately have been quality over quantity and more experiences vs things, which I’ve applied to all aspects of life. We’re at the mid-way point of the year so I am challenging myself to continue this way of life.

Since “we were on a break” I’ve taken the chance to re-evaluate my blog and the things I’d like to talk/write about on here. I jumped into a blog so fast and since realized it takes a tribe. I am a huge procrastinator and having my friends and family encourage me to continue my blog and to not quit has been a huge help. I am excited to get back into the swing of things, but just like I need my families help, I want yours!

Tell me about a topic you would like me to post about!

4 thoughts on “I’ve been gone for a minute…

  1. Good to hear your doing better becca:) you’ve always been a strong beautiful young lady, with ambition to work hard no matter what.

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