I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

But if white runs out, I’ll drink red!


Christmas can be a family and friend filled holiday with food, gifts, and drank BUT it can also be stressful and break the bank. I pride myself in being a great gift giver *toot toot* and I like to think that I am pretty money savvy when it comes to it. If there’s a sale, you can bet your hot coco drinkin’ ass I’m there! I try to plan out my gifts and start shopping prior to November and December. This year, my gifts were not entirely material things. They were things, yes, but I tried to gift items that someone would benefit from. Throughout the year, I keep an ear out and pay attention to what someone would truly want and enjoy. This year, I bought memories! By that I mean, concert tickets, classes to learn a new activity, paint balling at an outdoor course, books, and camera accessories to take pictures and film special moments.

When I am looking for gifts, if it doesn’t call out the persons name then I won’t buy it. Gift giving brings me so much joy, its nuts! Just because or for a special occasion, if I can give a gift, I WILL. Not only do I get crazy with gifts (shocker, there is a part two), I love coordinating my wrapping. No matter the box, bag, tag, ribbon, or wrapping paper, it will all match! I also love making the gifts. One year for our white elephant exchange, I created a bar set! I made coasters from clay at Michael’s, bought two tall plain glasses from Target and dipped the bottom of the cups in black and white nail polish to give it a marble look, added a wine cork from Target and a bottle of wine and BOOM! HANDLED! Took me 30 minutes tops to create everything and only $30. Ironically, I ended up with my own gift!


Does anyone else feel that Christmas came so fast this year? It’s only a few days away and I feel like Thanksgiving was yesterday. As I briefly talked about in Sunday Kind of Love, I am overwhelmed with excitement for my first white Christmas! For my readers out there, what are your Christmas plans? Any awesome gifts you have received or are gifting?

Merry Christmas

Link below to my Christmas song of the day!

Jeremih & Chance – Ms. Parker

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