Catch Me Down In New Orleans

Volume 1 of #TravelbackThursdays

Michael: “Bucks, want to go to New Orleans?”

Me: “Does Joey like pizza?!”

As my brother, Michael; his wife, Melinda; my sister, Debbie and myself, planned our itinerary for New Orleans we knew the one thing we all wanted to do was visit Bourbon Street and see the French Quarter…like most tourists. Our Airbnb was the cutest and was so close to everywhere we wanted to be.  We got there on a Wednesday night and went straight to Bourbon Street! As soon as we stepped foot out of our Uber the lights and music lit up Bourbon Street. So much to do and so many people were out, even on a Wednesday night!


All the bars we walked into had amazing live music. We hit Pat O’Brien’s dueling piano bar, got the famous NOLA Hurricanes, and souvenir cups! The women performing on the pianos were so awesome. They did not have a set list and performed all requests the guest threw onto their tray…literally, wrote down their request on a scrap paper, attached a little cash money, and threw it on a tray on their pianos. Best part of their performance was when a man came up grabbed the tray that had the most coins and started tapping away to the beat of the song. He was so awesome! I want to say his name was Allen but by that time we were a few drinks in and having a great time. I’ve become more of a whiskey kind of girl, so much so, that the Hand Grenades at Tropical Isle, the Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s, and the Mint Julips were way too sweet for me- but well worth the experience. After Pat O’Brien’s, we walked around to some other bars, did a little dance, made a little love, and got down that night!


As we woke up Thursday and got ready for our day we decided to throw the itinerary out the window and just go with the flow. We started our day off at Café Du Monde and yes, the beignets are just as great as everyone says. We visited Café Du Monde more than I’d care to admit! I was told visiting NOLA in September would be hot and humid but actually, it wasn’t too bad. I was still able to rock my ACDC band tee and black jeans, and I was a-ok! Don’t get me wrong, if the sun got ya you’d have some major swa-ss (Swap ass)!  We walked through the Frenchman Market and had the best fried shrimp ever at J’s Seafood. Honestly, I’d Postmates that shrimp right now if I could! We then grabbed a drink at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, which is one of the oldest and most haunted bars in America.

Friday was our day to explore outside of the French Quarter. We began with mimosas at The Ruby Slipper in the Garden District, hopped on a bus that took us around the town, and got ready for the best night of our trip… our ghost tour with Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary is THE Voodoo Queen, she was born and raised in New Orleans, and she took us through a few cemeteries, called upon spirits, and gave us a history lesson about NOLA and its spiritual past. She took us to her house and her shop where we performed a séance and learned about a murder that happened right above her shop! Hands down, one of my favorite encounters thus far! Even if you don’t believe in spirits and all that jazz, it was still an interesting experience.


Before we headed out on Saturday, we got our drank on at the shops down Bourbon street, took some last minute photos, stuffed some beignets down our throat, and picked up our souvenirs. AND YES, I got my own set of tarot cards and a voodoo doll…anyone want me to tell them their future? Overall, a very successful trip and, man oh man, do I want to go back!

J's Seafood in the French Marketplace
J’s Seafood in the French Marketplace

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