Sunday Kind of Love

It’s DECEMBER! We are planning our Christmas at the cabin in Pine Top, AZ and the most exciting part is that we will be having a White Christmas! I have yet to experience one and I am thrilled.

This morning I took my goddaughter, Alessandra, to run some errands and have a Nina and Me day; Nina is a nickname for Godmother in Spanish. We started off at Starbucks because AB (Alessandra Belen) has to have her bacon egg bites and cup of water and Nina has to have her caffe mocha latte.  We headed to her favorite store, Target, and her one request was to look at everything…did I fight her on that? Hell no! We went up and down each aisle looking for Christmas stocking stuffers and Target, oh Target, you never disappoint! My family follows my blog, I can’t say just yet what I got them but I will be writing a post on gifts at a later time! After Target, AB wanted to see the Christmas trees. There were white trees, red trees, blue and purples. Big ones, tall ones, short and thin.

We came back home and plopped down on the couch to watch The Man Who Made Christmas. It’s a movie about Charles Dickens as he creates A Christmas Carol. Naturally, Michael (my brother) and I threw on our ‘bah humbug’ socks, made some Dashi Chai tea from Teavana in our Nightmare Before Christmas cups and watched not only The Man Who Made Christmas but also Disney’s A Christmas Carol. You can definitely say we are in the Christmas spirit! Have you seen it?! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! What are your favorite holiday movies?

Sunday’s always start of with errands and coffee then ends with being lazy, watching movies, and doing a bit of work. So cheers from my couch to yours!

Its beginning to look a lot like....

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