So It Goes

I like to think I am very versatile with music. Gangster rap? I love that! Oldies? I bump that! Country? I’ll two step! Jazz? I feel that! R&B? That’s my ish! 90’s R&B is my preferred flavor; give me some Craig David, 112, or Tamia…ANY DAY! When I was in high school, if I was given the aux cord they all knew, Becca’s playing throwbacks. Once I was got on Apple Music and Spotify, creating playlists changed my life! While I am here writing future blog posts, I figured “Why not share my mood playlist?” It’s called So It Goes! The playlist is a variety of songs I have been jamming with lately, whether I am working, writing, or cleaning. It definitely has more of a “chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool” type of feel. If you vibe with my playlist, give it a follow! If there are songs you think would work well in this playlist, leave the name in the comment below and I’ll add!


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