Woke Up Quick At About Noon…

…Just thought that I had to write this blog post soon!


IT’S BLACK FRIDAY E’RYONE! Anyone take advantage of the sales?

Instead of shopping this year, Debbie, Melinda, and I came to Bergies Coffee Roast House in Downtown Gilbert. As we were walking into Bergies through the gazebo, we heard the song “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure and we all instantly fell in love with what will be our new favorite coffee shop. Melinda turns to Debbie and me and says “What a perfect song to walk into!” Bergies has such a quaint, homey feel, and I am truly enjoying the vibes! As we walked into the café, to the left there were samples of cookies, brownies, and pecan pie. Best believe Melinda and I dove into that real quick! The shop itself is rather small but with a decent sized patio. They had everything from handcrafted teas and specialty coffee drinks to pastries and avocado toast. Debbie got the Brucee which had cold brew, crème de cocoa, and cream. Melinda and I both got a Mexican Mocha with coffee, cinnamon, Mexican hot chocolate, and spices. Speaking of Mexican hot chocolate… are you team Ibarra or Abuelita? Leave me a comment below!

Today is Thanksgiving feast number two! Yesterday, my siblings and I had an intimate Thanksgiving and my sister-in-law prepared some yummy ass food! The wine we had during our dinner was a 2016 Campo Viejo Tempranillo. Wine.com labels this wine as a cherry red colored, vibrant Tempranillo with notes of vanilla and cocoa. To me, it was a buttery, light, and crisp with finishing notes of cocoa. With a savory meal, it was MAGNIFICO! Such an easy red to drink with dinner, I highly recommend it. Michael isn’t always one for wine, so I whipped up a refreshing cocktail for him. I’ll call it the “you got three minutes to make a drink…go!” One shot of chilled Maestros Dobel tequila, a bit of pomegranate-orange San Pellegrino (which is amazing and on sale at Costco), a bit of Fresca, a squish of lime, topped with ice and an orange peel for garnish. So simple, easy, and delicious! Might be more of a summer, wine cooler type of drink but a drinks a drinks and “I’ve gotta get drunk before the day begins!”


Happy Thanksgiving and national fighting-over-sales-day!


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